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We Are Here to Help You Assemble the Right Team

for the Next Season of Life


Heather Frazee and Mary Luster, initially created Simply Seniors to help be a guide to those in their later years who discovered their changing needs and lifestyle. We also began experiencing firsthand, what it was like to work with our aging parents in an evolving and ever-changing process.  It can be challenging and stressful but we also found that it didn't have to be that way, given the right tools and resources to help navigate it. 


After 30+ collective years working in the residential real estate market, we started experiencing more business that focused on the senior market. We began to feel stronger about educating and assisting the people in our community who might be faced with the sensitivities of moving from one's home. We discovered too how wise it is for people to have conversations now about changing needs before anyone is put into a position of compromise.  Adult children can have conversations with their parents, friends and spouses can have discussions with each other, and we can have a conversation together.


So today, we've further developed our passion by offering you a full range of relocation options through Simply Seniors.  We hope you are able to use some or all of what we have available to help navigate through the Next Season of Life.


Heather and her mom Dolores
Mary and her mom Carmen
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