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Long Term Care Insurance


If you are still in reasonably good health, you should seriously consider long-term care insurance.  


Long-term care is not just for the elderly and those at the end of their life, nor is it simply for nursing homes.  43% of long-term care benefits are for those under 65!


In fact, anyone may need long-term care at some point.  If someone receives an extensive injury or goes through a prolonged illness, he or she may need help with his normal daily activities, such as bathing, getting dressed, or eating.  If someone becomes cognitively impaired, she may need help with safety and medication reminders.


Even though these things may seem simple today, they are important for keeping safe, healthy and reasonably independent.  Long term care is deemed necessary for the following activities of daily life (ADL):


  • Bathing.

  • Dressing.

  • Using the toilet


The rates are the lowest when you are about 50 years old,  but a healthy individual can apply at any time.  If the day comes that you need certain types of help at home or in a more skilled setting, this insurance will protect your assets.  With the average cost of a nursing home at $58,000 per year, and in-home care averaging $28/hour, this is an investment to consider.


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Resources for Long Term Care Insurance

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