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Is it Time to Move?

Preparing to Show

Your Home

Home Repair and


Making the decision to move can be challenging.  It may be a difficult decision to move from your home to another living situation, but certain factors may make this the best choice:


  • The market is high, and you can make a profit from selling your home at this time

  • Your safety or health may be at risk when you live alone

  • Taking care of the home's interior or exterior is overwhelming

  • The cost of in-home care is more than other living options


In these cases, it may be time to prepare your home to sell and begin looking for the best living options for the next part of your life.  


Other seniors and their families face the daunting task of selecting the right home to meet their needs in terms of care, community and comfort. Choosing housing that meets your family’s current needs, and anticipates future needs, can be a challenge. Further, it can require a significant financial investment depending on the level of care desired.


Moving Services

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